Your Single Origin Easter Egg Hunt Ends Here

by Lauren Goldberg on April 8, 2014


We love searching for dip-dyed eggs in the grass with our families, our fingers yellow and sticky with Peeps. But those marshmallow chicks got us thinking: As much as we love drug store candies, shouldn’t we feed better quality Easter treats to the little bunnies in our lives?

Well, the hunt for great sweets ends right here at Chelsea Market Baskets – we loaded up our store and site with globally-sourced artisanal delights that will set your Easter baskets apart from the rabbit pack. Check out our mouthwatering slideshow of specialty goods.

German hazelnut truffle-filled real eggshells ($29 per half dozen)

For a truly special snack, look to our German hazelnut truffle-filled real eggshells (available online for $29 per half dozen or $52 per dozen). These real chicken eggs are emptied, sterilized, filled with chocolate, and painted in vibrant solids, stripes, and dots. Throw them down and start cracking to entertain the whole family! Our hack for getting the shell open more easily: chill for 15 or so minutes before peeling.

La Dolciaria Bergamasca chocolate eggs

From Italy come La Dolciaria Bergamasca chocolate eggs ($6.95 per bag) that are a little too easy to eat (our jeans will be happy when Easter’s over!). The candy pigeon and quail egg shells hold a layer of rich chocolate and a sophisticated hazelnut praline filling. The springy pastel colors come from natural dyes—nothing artificial here! We include these in our online Easter Basket offerings: European Chocolate Easter Egg Basket and Egg-travagant European Easter.


Making their world debut, brand new Red Velvet Truffles from our signature English import Prestat Chocolates ($24) have arrived on the scene. Tasting like a big mouthful of glory, these chocolate bombshells contain a cream cheese frosting filling and a red raspberry coating. This unique sweet and tart treat is sure to spice up your Easter baskets.

Poco Dolce Chocolate Easter Treats

Little known fact: The real San Francisco treat isn’t that rice stuff, it’s Poco Dolce chocolate. This year, we’ve stocked up on their chocolate bunnies, a nostalgic delight given the royal treatment. From the pack of adorable Raspberry Bunnies ($18) to the large single rabbits in Peanut Butter and Bittersweet & White Chocolate ($7.50 each), our love for this brand is multiplying quickly.

hatching chicks from Brooklyn based NuNu chocolates

If locally-made goods are what you’re after, check out the silky smooth offerings from Brooklyn’s own NuNu chocolates. The too-cute hatching chicks in milk or dark chocolate ($4.95) are perfect for all ages, and the egg duo ($5.95) is an elegant gift for the adults attending the festivities.

Now that you know what to fill your baskets with, don’t forget the basket! We have lovely Shackman paper maché eggs with vintage scenes that turn any collection of sweets into a darling gift. Happy Easter to one and all!


Leading Males for Sale?

by Lauren Goldberg on March 13, 2014

This warmer weather is getting us excited, and the joy in the air is causing us to do some crazy things. No, we don’t mean wearing shorts when it’s 40 degrees out. We’re talking about putting TONS of premium items on super sale. Huge Oatmeal of Alford bags? Sure. McClure’s Spicy Pickles? Why not. Cote D’Or Pistachio chocolate bars? OK, I’m buying five.

And we’re not the only ones with food on the brain this spring. People have been flocking in to get a piece of the action, these treats playing the lead role in the movie of their delicious weekend snacking lives. If you can dream it, they will come hungry.

We know it can be overwhelming to choose which delicious discounts to dive into first, so we’ve put together a guide to some of our favorite pantry items in terms everyone can understand: as the personalities of distinguished leading males of the silver screen.

Oatmeal of Alford = Ian McKellen

Oatmeal of Alford has been enjoyed for many generations, its hearty Scottish grain filling up bellies while being good for the heart. Isn’t that just like Ian McKellen, to give a meaty performance that also makes your heart full? Ian has been a staple in Hollywood and on Broadway for a long time—this year makes 50 years since his on-screen debut! Oatmeal of Alford is no different: it can star in your breakfasts or desserts with ease, and it will never go out of style. Congratulations on the work anniversary, Ian—we’re toasting you with a steel-cut salute.

Lakrids Licorice = Christoph Waltz

Lauded Danish licorice company Lakrids makes us smile with fun flavors while being dead serious about its intensity and pure ingredients, and it manages to maintain its international flair every step of the way. Reminds us of a certain inglorious bastard we know that’s cute as a button but has some pretty serious acting chops. And he jumps around the different Lakrids flavors with his films: whether Christoph is playing a Salty role (a Nazi) or a Sweet one (helping a former slave free his wife), you can’t help but Love him. When you’re in the mood for a taste of Europe, cue up a Waltz movie and chow down on some Lakrids.

Shortbread House of Edinburgh Oaties = Sean Connery

Hear us out. Shortbread, like Sean, is not the newest, freshest idea out there. We know. However, you can’t beat a classic. One that sets the bar by which all others are measured. One that you come back to again and again. Sean did it for Bond, and Shortbread House of Edinburgh did it for crumbly oat cookies. These Oaties have been made the same way for over 100 years, and that nostalgic taste is just the way your mother likes it, Trebec. If we were stuck on The Rock, we’d smuggle them in with us.


Check out these items and much more on sale on our website and in our store! Happy munching!


Cuddle Up to Hot Chocolate!

by Lauren Goldberg on February 25, 2014

This winter, we’ve turned to the hug-in-a-mug known as hot chocolate to keep our cheeks warm and rosy. Oh, the wonders of this little drink! Whether it’s for breakfast, dessert, or a mid-day pick-me-up, there’s nothing like a hot cup of sweet relief to make you smile.

Here are a few that brighten our days. The best part: they’re all available on our website, so you don’t have to brave the snow to get ‘em! We’d hate to make you suffer through any more hat hair.

Hasslacher’s Hot Drinking Chocolate


If you want pure, unadulterated chocolate, look no further than Hasslacher’s Hot Drinking Chocolate bricks ($12.95). It’s 100% Cacao from Colombia with nothing added. Their mission: to go beyond fair trade and keep every process from bean to bar in Colombia.

We began importing this brand after tasting its high quality. In our store, we’ve been heating up one brick with one gallon of milk in our microwave before mixing them in a blender (we suggest adding a little sugar to taste). The result is frothy and delicious. We’ve got a thermos of it by our front register for sampling—come in and try some today!

For more about Hasslacher, check out this adorable one-minute Flash animation on how their chocolate comes to be, or watch a great short video about how people in Colombia view hot chocolate.


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February is Chocolate Month at Chelsea Market Baskets!

by Lauren Goldberg on February 7, 2014


Here at CMB, we have a pretty serious chocolate addiction. There’s not an employee in the house who doesn’t have an emergency bar in their bag (though they don’t all admit it), and we are constantly tasting new brands in hopes of discovering the next great snack (yeah, we love our jobs). So, it is with utmost excitement that we announce that February is Chocolate Month at CMB!

Come share in our bounty as we sample chocolate every day in February. There will be promotions along with the tastings so you can enjoy and save, so check back often (and hungry!). To give you a taste, here are three brand new varieties we’re excited to feature this month:

Willie’s Cocoa


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In 2013, Cronuts (those croissant-doughnut hybrids breakfast sweets) were introduced, we saw a million recipes for brussel sprouts, and of course everything was better with bacon. This year, one of the top trends in the food world are spicy foods and flavors that use middle eastern spices.

We import spices directly from a South African company called Living Food ( by Kalk Bay Foods. It is a spice company that blends spices from around the globe into unique and delicious combinations.  They like to blur the lines between food and art so all their products come  with exceptional good looks. (And no they do not Twerk when they mix the spices!) So, in 2014 we are suggesting you may want stay at home and let your taste buds travel  the world and explore foods with exotic spices.

The Spicy Side of Spice: There are lots of spicy food seekers and they don’t want to experience just the same everyday hot flavors you get from adding crushed red chili flakes from the pizzeria. The trend is about experiencing different spicy flavors from around the world.


Hot & Spicy Blends from Around the Globe ($28): The 12 jars gift pack is filled with spice mixes that will send your taste buds to the moon.  Recipes and the origin of spice are included in the gift pack. A sample of what you will find:

  • Vindaloo Spice- Regarded as the King of Curry the fiery hot Vindaloo has roots in Portuguese cuisine. This is normally the hottest curry dish that is available at Indian Restaurants.  Add a bit of this spice to vinegar, sugar, fresh ginger to make a marinade, to soak pork or any other desired meat.
  • Piri Piri Spice- A fiery and fragrant spice mix that is also called African bird’s eye chili, the pepper that is used to make this spice mix  grows in South Africa, Nigeria, Zambia and half of Ethiopia.  Use to make the perfect basting sauce for fresh shrimp or bbq.
  • Togarishi 7 Spice- Inspired by the traditional Sgichimi Tagarishi Japanese spice mixes, which means seven chilies.  The combination of heat, sweetness and a bit of sour round off the resulting flavors perfectly, the spice mix includes red chili pepper, orange peel, sesame seeds, Japanese pepper, ginger and seaweed.  This can be used in sauces but other suggestions are to sprinkle it on watermelon, baked potato or melon.

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Warehouse Basket Store is Now Open

December 18, 2013

We are bursting at the seams and now have a bit of extra retail space this holiday season near our Chelsea Market store. Our Warehouse Basket Store is now open right on 15th street (on the north side) in the middle of the block, near the Tippler bar, better recognized as the OPEN sign. This store […]

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